Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a really fun time shooting the beautiful couple, Danielle and Liam. They are not just fun loving but also a very sweet couple. The current weather situation in UK has everyone feeling very gloomy but shooting this couple made me realize that power of love is strong enough to lift your spirits. So take a day out of your busy lives to appreciate your loved ones.

With that note I wish you ALL a very happppy Valentine’s Day !

Get dressed,go out and beat the weather like this gorgeous couple did.

Enjoy the pictures.



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James & Jayne

A good haircut changes one’s appearance but no one knows when a simple haircut can change one’s whole life. Workaholic James finally took some time out to get a haircut which not only changed his outlook but it changed his life.He came home not only with a better haircut but butterflies in his stomach.The lovely hairdresser,Jayne, did so much more than just give him a good haircut: she stole his heart.On the 3rd year of being together,James got down on one knee and proposed Jayne to become his life partner.

They chose,the place of their first date, Dukes92, for the shoot.And I had the honour of capturing their special moments.




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Happy Monday!

After such a beautifully sunny weekend, Monday has crept up on us BUT worry not. I’ve got an eye candy for all of you out there to give a fresh start to Moan-day!


Hope you have an awesome day!

Katie & Chris: Engagement Shoot in Dubai

They met each other last year at a conference.Her smile captivated him from the start and they’ve been together since. Katie is a successful businesswoman and Chris is an enthusiastic fitness expert.Together they’re building a life together at home and work.

Chris proposed to beautiful Katie in Dubai and never in a million years did I ever dream of doing their engagement shoot in the fabulous Atlantis the palm hotel (where by fate we both were staying).


{This beautiful picture of Atlantis is taken from www.laingorourke.com the company who built this amazing resort }

We started the shoot near the beach where this beautiful couple got engaged. You can see the monorail track in the background. I love Dubai’s warm light like a desert heat making the skin glow orange. I don’t get to see this quality of light in UK.








They are oozing with pure love.5e

Some of indoor shots…6







The beautiful Aquarium.11


I’ll end this post with many heartfelt congratulations to Katie & Chris, and also by adding that not only do I love Dubai soo much but I think I’ve fallen for this couple as well 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Monday!

When I opened my fridge to take the milk out for my cuppa,my eyes fell on the leftover double cream.I started feeling restless.I knew I had to make muffins yet again so as not to waste the cream(ah! what an excuse to just bake!).

Forgot my tea(trust me that RARELY happens) and started to gather the ingredients.

Once everything was done,I had a BIG smile on my face! Told you I can bake everyday..heheh..

I kicked off  Monday with a good start baking and decorating these delightful and yummy scrummy muffins!

I hope all of you have a lovely & happy Monday tooo 🙂

Enjoy the picture.

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary !

I am married to a very special man. A man who I am so proud of because he is an excellent multi-tasker 😀 Not only that,but also for giving me so much love,joy,happiness(maybe a lil bit of tears too,lol) and for making me a better person by loving me for who I am.

Love you loads my sweetheart.